Brick Free (Unity 3D)

Game Concept

Brick Free is a LEGO-inspired, free roaming escape room, created with 6 other Game Design students. Players must explore and interact with the level in order to reveal new areas and find pieces to a door that will end the game.

My Roles

As the main programmer and co-level designer of Brick Free, I focused on game level mechanics and how the game operates. I also implemented assets from other team members while creating deadlines for tasks for everyone involved in the game project.


  • I created a customized character and camera rig to display an open world perspective view.
  • I implemented a custom LEGO character model that I created myself along with it’s animations and textures to work smoothly in game.
  • Designed interactive puzzles and environmental interactions to give players and objective role.
  • UI system that display prompts, inventory, and other fun interactive button menus.
  • Placed triggers for collectibles, object interactions, and accessible areas throughout the level.
  • I created an audio source manager that I can manually implement custom sound effects and music to apply in the game.

Level Designer

  • Collaborated with another member on the team to design, draw out, conceptualize and produce a level for the game’s setting to take place in.
  • I decided to mark up what assets belonged where in the level and added more creative additions from others to be more for everyone.

Project Lead

  • I gathered a group of friends ranged from modelers and animators to sound artists and visual effects artists.
  • I have created specific tasks for each person and I assembled small teams within the project such as a modeling team and a design team so everyone can collectively discuss and deal out assets to be made that sprint.
  • Deadlines are assigned to every member, including myself, and then I would collect assets from everyone every week to see working progress in the game itself.

Team Members

Seth Usher3D Modeler and Level Designer
Eduardo Robert3D Modeler
Hannah Martinez3D Modeler and Environmental Artist
An Tran3D Modeler
Jason HurMusic Composer
Michaela Caparas2D Concept Artist

Credits to Michaela Capraras for creating the Brick Free game logo.