The Inquest (Unity 3D)

Game Concept

The Inquest is a first-person horror maze game. A journalist has been directed by their boss to find any information on the strange activities occurring within an abandoned asylum. After successfully breaking into the facility, they must sneak around, collect any data they find, and exit the building undetected. As they navigate through the dark and foggy halls, they must avoid getting caught by the cameras’ motion sensors.

My Roles:

As my first independent game project, I was the game’s only programmer and level designer. I took the liberty to model a few objects to add more of my art into the game, as well.


  • Implemented a custom camera and first person character control system.
  • Applied triggers for object interactions for collecting and storing data in game.
  • Designed moving trap systems and collision effects as a puzzle mechanic.
  • In game animations such as doors, security camera radii, and scene to scene transitions.
  • Created a UI HUD system for the player that displays objective tasks to be completed and an updated task system to notify completion points.
  • UI fade animations to detail a significant event happening such as failing tasks and switching through different menus.
  • I created an inventory system that keeps count of objective updates that further in-game progress.

Level Designer

  • Drew out a level on paper and created a layout with a maze-like structure.
  • Incorporated assets for recreating an asylum inspired environment.

3D Modeler

  • Custom models such as keys, cards, light bulbs, and documents, implemented as a main component for the game’s objective.
  • Modeled extra objects such as closet supplies and air vents to incorporate a more familiar and appropriate setting to start off in.


  • Worked with Unity’s light rendering system and added spot lights to add more depth in unlit areas.
  • Implemented a fog effect for a more ominous and creepy game play experience.