Winder Walkers (2020)

Play Winder Walkers Here

Game Concept

Winder Walkers is a toy-themed puzzle game where you take control of two wind-up toys to solve puzzles in various unique environments. Each step in the game drains life from your toy allies and they must rewind each other or find a wind-up station to replenish their energy. Each level becomes larger in size and your energy takes a harder toll so be quick and don’t waste all your energy in one go. This game was submitted in the Brackey’s Game Jam (2020) where we had one week (7 days) to create a game based on the theme “wind up”. Made in Unity 3D Engine.


Gameplay and UI programmer tasked to create a user friendly menu interactive system, gameplay elements and level design.

Programming Responsibilities

  • Audio manager including seamless transitions of music and audio control levels.
  • Save system to track current progress in each level.
  • UI menu controls like settings, pause menu, and fade animations.
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixes.
  • Other responsibilities include level 3 map design and asset placements.

Team Members

Eduardo Robert – 3D Artist and Level Designer
Asher Pinson – Programmer and Level Designer
An Tran – 3D Artist
Hannah Martinez – 3D Artist
Jason Hur – Sound Engineer