Alone (2021)

Download Alone Here

Game Concept

Alone is a first-person spooky adventure survival game, created with 7 people as a two semester final project. In Alone, you take control of Charu, an archeologist intern, who has awoken on an unknown island in complete isolation. As you explore deeper into the island’s mysteries, you must do what it takes to survive against the harsh nature and forces that you encounter while trying to solve the many mysteries in order to make it out alive.


Main programmer and project lead of the team. Along with my own weekly programming tasks, I also coordinated and ran weekly meetings to ensure all assets are integrated properly for game play testing.

Programming Responsibilities

  • Player control mechanics and player stats manager like health, hunger levels, battery life, and sanity levels.
  • Quest manager and marker locations for updated quest events to progress through the story.
  • AI ghost navigation to track and locate the player across the island.
  • UI mechanics like journal accessibility, map updates, collective documents, resource management, and jump scares.
  • Save and load system to track player progression.
  • Custom sound manager for flexible sound usage ranging from music and ambience to detailed SFX.
  • Dialogue system for character explanations, plot discussions, and important events during gameplay.
  • Troubleshooting for game-breaking bugs and error traces to ensure quality output in a build.

Team Members

Chris Luu – 3D Artist
An Tran – 3D Artist and UI Artist
Hannah Martinez – 3D Environmental Artist
Kaitlyn Perkins – Programmer and Level Designer
Michaela Caparas – 2D Concept Artist, Story Writer and Voice Actor
Jason Hur – Sound Engineer