About Me

Andy Truong is a Computer Game Designer, specialized in game programming, who focuses on gameplay, diagnosing existing and preexisting bugs to provide a successful quality game, and ensure the success of the company.

Andy is pursuing a BFA in the Computer Game Design program at George Mason University. Andy was a member in the Game Analysis Design Interest Group, taking the role as a member of the programming team, responsible for debugging and implementing game mechanics to create a functioning and exciting game. During this time, Andy has teamed up with a few of his colleagues, including artists, designers, and sound engineers, and created games such as Brick Free (2019), Starbot Showdown (2020), and Alone (2021).

Andy enjoys playing video games on his free time such as Assassin’s Creed Series and God of War and is open to other genres ranging from first-person shooters and story driven narratives to open world RPG and massive multiplayer games.