Scoped In (Unity 3D)

game concept

Scoped In” is a first-person sniping course where players can freely explore and practice their sniping skills in. With the help of the Dev Assets Pack, I created a small-sized map with alternative routes, elevation levels, and prop accessories to give it that deserted town vibe. Equipped with only a sniper and and pistol in your arsenal, you can simply go around and begin shooting at any object present to the player and practice hitting targets spot on. This project is solely just to help increase accuracy when it comes to sniping overall and for those who enjoy a little bit of solitude and brush up on their sniping precision.

This independent project was completed within a week in the Unity Engine 3D software. Using clean and simplified code, I was able to quickly set up basic player to world physic and interactions and had a guided tutorial to assist in some of the core mechanics, including weapon management and scoping features. Having the asset pack available allowed for a quicker layout design of the map, allowing myself to focus more on the game level mechanics.


Currently, the project only offers a few options at the moment, including:

  • Character movement and camera control (WASD and mouse control)
  • Weapon swap ability (1 and 2 keys on the keyboard)
  • Scope zoom in and out (Right mouse click)
  • Fire point using a ray cast to hit targets (Left mouse click)
  • Animations include gun idle, scoping and reloading
  • Main map design structured
  • Rigid collisions on objects when shot
  • Custom flash particle when weapon is shot
  • HUD removed to focus on in game visuals

With how I have designed the map itself, you can move freely around the area and maneuver up different levels to get a better view of the map itself. The controls for “Scoped In” are very simple and basic so learning how it works is pretty quick right off the bat. More work in progress to come.

more In game images below

Credit goes to Brackeys for providing the assets pack as well as a guided tutorial for some of the in game features displayed.