The Inquest (2019, Unity 3D)

A First-Person Horror Maze Simulator
Independent Project
Summer 2019

My Roles:

I acted as the main and only programmer on this independent game project started over the summer of 2019. I took the liberty to model a few objects to add some more of my art into the game as well. This was all done within a month of production.


*Implemented a custom camera and first person character control system.
*Applied triggers for object interactions for collecting and storing data in game.
*Designed moving trap systems and collision effects as a puzzle mechanic.
*In game animations such as doors, security camera radii, and scene to scene transitions.
*Created a UI HUD system for the player that displays objective tasks to be completed and an updated task system to notify completion points.
*UI fade animations to detail a significant event happening such as failing tasks and switching through different menus.
*I created an inventory system that keeps count of objective updates that further in-game progress.

Level Designer

*Drew out a level on paper and created a layout with a maze-like structure.
*Incorporated assets for recreating an asylum inspired environment.

3D Modeler

*Custom models such as keys, cards, light bulbs, and documents, implemented as a main component for the game’s objective.
*Modeled extra objects such as closet supplies and air vents to incorporate a more familiar and appropriate setting to start off in.


*Worked with Unity’s light rendering system and added spot lights to add more depth in unlit areas.
*Implemented a fog effect for a more ominous and creepy game play experience.

Team Members